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In 1978, Penny and Inge met in the then tourism “untouched Negril”. It took another 12 years until they opened their first Lighthouse Inn location on 25.11.1988 with two guest rooms, a rustic bar and two tables.

The unique atmosphere of West End Negril, their daily changing food selection, excellent service, and the first free restaurant shuttle in Negril was loved and heavily used by visitors. Culinary Mento Yards (traditional music and dance) and Junkanoo Parades were hosted to show the traditional Jamaican culture.

The location soon became too small. In 1994, the Lighthouse Inn 2 Village and Restaurant was established. (Just opposite of the famous Lighthouse in Negril). It is embedded in a beautiful natural garden filled with tropical plants, flowers, fruit trees, a wild fauna and flora and endangered species of birds.

In the following years tourism changed, the clientele changed from individual travellers to an "all inclusive" crowd. This had a major impact on our small business. We, however, never gave up, and today 2023, our concept is still booming and loved by people who also love nature.

Lighthouse Inn 2 is a natural kept property with a true decelerating Jamaican atmosphere.

Enjoy the ingenious hospitality of Inge and Penny and all the staff members of Lighthouse Inn 2 Village and Miss Penny’s Restaurant.

Inge & Penny


Our Values