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Start a great day with a delicious and healthy breakfast.

Breakfast à la carte

Toast, butter, marmalade, Coffee or Tea, Fruitjuice
8 US$

Cup of Coffee:  2.50 US$
Cup of Tea: 2 US$
Glass of Orange Juice: 2 US$

Begin with coffee or tea, toast, butter, marmalade, fruits, juice and choose additional one of the following:

  • Eggs any style: fried, scrambled, boiled  with or without bacon
  • Omlette filled with vegetable, cheese or bacon
  • French Toast with maple syrup  
  • Crêpe topped with chocolate syrup
  • Pancakes with a side order of bacon and syrup

Or do you prefer a traditional Jamaican breakfast?

  • Ackee and Saltfish with Johnny Cakes (fried dumpling)
  • Calalloo and cabbage with Johnny Cakes (fried dumpling)
  • Porridge with oats and banana
  • Liver with green bananas (to be ordered a day in advace)

17 US$


Foamed Lobster Soup
10 US$

Fresh Lionfish steamed in Coconut with Callaloo and Rice & Peas
25 US$

Rasta Rice with Ackees
15 US$

Greek Salad with Olives and Feta-Cheese
15 US$

King of Cakes – Baumkuchen
cake built in layers with a delicious chocolate cover
10 US$


Spicy Pumpkin Soup
spiced with lemongrass
7 US$

Iced Cucumber-Soup
cold and refreshing cucumber, watermelon, and red curry-oil
7 US$

King Fish Sashimi
served with pickled onions and spicy mango purée
15 US$

Grilled Octopus
served with Jamaican callaloo, marinated chickpeas and fruity lime dip
15 US$

Shrimps and Lobster Salad
with homemade lime-mayonnaise and mango 
18 US$

Starters are served with homemade bread

Side orders

Rice and Peas
Roasted Potatoes
French Fries
Garden Salad 
6 US$ each

Mains from the Island: Locally caught lobster, fish and shrimps

Flamed Lobster
grilled lobster served with breadcrumbs and fresh herb-butter
38 US$

Lobster Thermidor
Special of the House served since 1988 following the same secret recipe
38 US$

locally catches of snapper, topped with hot pickled onion & veggies
23 US$

Miss Penny`s Seafood Platter
Roasted Lobster, Shrimp, Conch, and Fish
40 US$

one side order of your choice is included in the mains above

Homemade Lobster Ravioli
in a crustacean cream sauce with fresh tomato chunks, herbs, and freshly grated parmesan cheese
28 US$

Taste of the Sea
Fish-soup from the fishermen´s daily catch, veggies, tomatoes, herbs, served with homemade bread
25 US$

Don’t Like Seafood?

Traditional Pepper Steak
beef chunks in Jamaican spices and veggies
18 US$

American Ribeye Steak of 300g/11oz

Ital is Vital
our vegan coconut-curry is made of seasonal vegetables and fruits 
15 US$

one side order of your choice is included in the meals above

A taste of Jerk

Jerk- Chicken Pizza
15 US$

Beef-Jerk-Burger with Fries
15 US$

Jerk Chicken or Jerk Pork with Rice and Peas
18 US$

Jamaica meets Germany

sliced pork loin, breaded, and pan-fried in butter, served with roasted potatoes or potato salad 
19 US$

Traditional dish from the Alps “Käsespätzle”
homemade noodles with cheese-sauce topped with crispy onions
18 US$

Sweet Finals

Cinnamon Banana Fritters with Ice Cream
7 US$

Jamaica meets Chiemgau
original “Kaiserschmarrn”, flamed with Jamaican rum, served with fresh fruits and homemade vanilla ice cream 
12 US$